christina soriano

sugar is sweet at nu hotel, Brooklyn, NY

group show curated by Krista Scenna

7/22/15: introduction to mantras, mandalas and meditation at flowlife nyc holistic lounge

i am excited to bring my introduction to meditation and mandala making workshop to flowlife nyc!
July 22, 2015
limited registration
$30 includes materials for workshop session

art + meditation workshop / June 6, 2015 at Yogitecta

I will be hosting a workshop entitled Mantras, Mandalas and Meditation at Yogitecta's Carnival of Healing on Saturday, June 6. 
Class description below:
This is an Art Workshop that focuses on the number 3, and offers 3 ways to connect to your inner core and unique creativity through Mandalas, Mantras and Meditation. In this workshop, you will find balance by first uncovering your favorite Mantra, a word or phrase to aid in concentration; you will participate in a short guided Meditation to balance your mind; then you will create a mixed-media Mandala, a circular, balancing, visual element that signifies harmony. Art supplies are provided, just bring your open mind and heart!